Friday, September 2, 2011

My Favorite Exhibitionist: David Cheriano

David Cheriano is THE craziest exhibitionist I know. He's notorious for walking around NYC naked and openly masturbating for all to see.  He wants to be totally exposed, so everyone will know he is a crazy bitch,  total fucking pervert and super slut that has no shame or morals, risking everything just because it turns him on to be exposed nude in public, so the world will see his indecent public exposure.  It also really turns me on that I am exposing him in this way.
Here is his personal information so everyone will know who and what he is:

- Full name: David Cheriano
- Home address: Broadway, Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY, 10024
- Telephone: 646-734-6013
- Email:
- Birthday:  July 13, 1966
- Occupation:  accountant

From David Cheriano
From David Cheriano
From David Cheriano
From David Cheriano

Here's a video of David walking nude and masturbating on a NYC street.

I'd encourage everyone to print out hard copies of his pics and hang them in public places all over your towns/cities.  I'd also encourage you to call his number and leave nasty, abusive telephone messages.
Please feel free to share and post his pics and videos on any website.

I'll be posting more full-faced pictures and public masturbation videos soon, so stay tuned.

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