Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Masturbation Phases

edginguy opines about his masturbation phases on his post, Missing: The Edge, at his blog Solosexual.  It got me thinking about my masturbation phases too.  About 5 to 6 times a year I'll get into a long, cum denial period, where I'll go 2 to 3 weeks without cumming.  And when I do cum, then I'll go weeks where I can't edge, but will need to cum right away every time I masturbate.  I'm in that phase now.  But I've got to get into my normal 5 to 6 hours-a-day edging phase before attending The Healthy Friction Workshop masturbation weekend at Palm Springs.  So I need to use a little bit of self control to get into that edging phase that I love so much.  If everything goes as planned, I'll be there during the afternoon of 11 May, and ready for a real long edging session with all my chronically, addicted masturbation brothers.

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