Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Pre-internet Batefuel: Bo Derek

  I had many years of masturbation to magazines and TV before the Internet age.  Playboys was the dominant form of my batefuel and I spewed many a load on the pages of all those beautiful women showing off their perfect tits and assses and perfectly coiffure-haired pussies.  I also spewed many a load watching the R-rated moves on HBO.  
  And Bo Derek, during her heyday, kept me fueled during many hours of masturbation.  Her Playboy pictorials kept me occupied with countless hours of masturbation fuel.  It was Bo's Playboy pics that spurred my friend and I to rent a post office box for the sole purpose of receiving Playboys through a mail subscription.  Every month I would wait on pins and needles for the next issue to be mailed, and when Bo was featured, which she was many times, I could hardly wait to get back to my bedroom to tear off my pants and frantically bate looking at her beautiful body.
  When "Ten" and "Tarzan the Apeman" was featured on HBO, I spent countless hours in the family den beating my meat raw to her naked body on the screen.  And I just loved her with that hunky Tarzan guy too!  Little did I know that he was probably one of the reasons I am very turned on to men with rippling abs and muscled physiques.

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