Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Orgasm.com: Octomom Considering Masturbation Porn

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Octomom Considering Masturbation Porn
Apr 17th 2012, 13:45

Everyone’s favorite train wreck, no I’m not talking about Tila Tequila, is thinking about doing some good old fashioned solo clips. That’s right folks, Octomom is thinking of touching her privates on camera for money. Why anyone would want to see that is beyond me, but at Orgasm we bring you the goods and unfortunately a masturbation porn starring a mother of 14 is the goods.

Before she gets into the world of masturbation style sex movies, Nadya Sulemon will take your calls. The Examiner and TMZ report that the Octocrazy is now working for Dial-A-Star, a phone chat line that lets regular people like us call “celebrities”. Seriously. This exists. For $14/minute you can call future masturbation porn star, Octomom and have a conversation. This is where we are as a society. Oh and the other “celebrities” you can speak with? Brace yourselves: Dina and Michael Lohan, Loredana Jolie and AJ Benza. If you have any idea who Loredana Jolie and AJ Benza are please contact us at Orgasm.

Howard Stern, yes, he’s still around, recently spoke with the Octomental and asked her if she’d consider doing sex movies. She said she’d only do masturbation clips because she finds regular porn to be degrading. Riiiiiiight. Tell that to Ashley Sage or Judy Star or Monica Sweet or any of the many other talented adult entertainers who have educated our minds and dicks with their contribution to society. What are you contributing to society besides a pair of saggy tits and 14 offspring?

At Orgasm, we get that you have 14 mouths to feed but you can’t really be picky about how you feed them. Octonut, you’re now working as a prostitute. You may not be talking dirty to the people who are calling in to talk to a “celebrity” but you’re still selling yourself. If you want your kids to have more than one oreo cookie that they have to split for dinner, then maybe you should consider making a porn, be it masturbation or otherwise. Not that I want to see that…

No pics of Octogross in this post. At Orgasm, we always go for class rather than jackass, so I figured pics of hot chicks playing DJ Diddles was the better choice. You’re welcome, America.

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