Monday, April 9, 2012


Congrats to Kanni, who won THE SEXIEST® PHOTO OF THE MONTH, In March. With this picture featuring Jinx and London. Kanni is of course one of our Official Pornstars Photographers. Underlining how exciting it is for members of the group to feature in her shoots here on the blog, many of you so far featured have left comments here or passed this on to us. ty. xx

Kanni is a dedicated hard working contributor to this blog. She does not promote herself via her contributions beyond the actual "posted by" at the foot of the post, she does it all in a low key manner, always throwing the spotlight onto others.

I had a really hard time choosing my personal best as several pics really stood out for me, and could have all won on another month I'm sure. It was a high voting Sexiest of the month, with everybody receiving a healthy vote, most notably, Jeanne Sahara, and Newcomer Adam7, with superb pictures.

Kannibal Studio's ( Kanni )


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