Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Wifes Hot Friend ~ Samantha Saint ~ May 07 ~

My Wifes Hot Friend ~ Samantha Saint ~ May 07 ~449Mb~

Samantha Saint is feeling really stressed out. Her bills are piling up, she can’t stand her job, and all of the stress is taking a toll on her neck, shoulders and back. Her good girlfriend isn’t home, but her husband Jordan says she can stop by and his wife will be home from the office in a few hours. Jordan listens to her tales of woe, then even offers to rub her shoulders a bit, which Samantha thoroughly enjoys. By the massive lump in Jordan’s crotch, the hot blonde can see that Jordan, too, is enjoying it, and she makes things even better when she takes her top and bra off and asks him to give her a full body massage … and we all know that leads to his big cock in her tight pussy!



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