Wednesday, May 2, 2012


krystall Peral and Serenity Juneberry
This is not so much a photo shoot, but a series of screen captures from my new movie, produced by the Erotique Porn team of Louise Silverweb, Arwen Juneberry, and myself. They were given special treatment by Jinx Jiersen, and he has done some processing in Photoshop. For some reason Jinx got very excited when he heard i had starred in a scene with Queen Of Porn Krystall Pearl, and he wanted to get his hands on the shots! he's done a wonderful job i think. Thank you Jinx.

It was my first ever time working with Krystall. Somebody i admire a lot on our scene for so many reasons. It was an honour to film her, and star along side her.

I think they make for a great Pornstars Photo shoot feature for the blog and i hope you enjoy them, and the movie which is due for release this weekend. xox

See some more action after the Jump!!!

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