Tuesday, May 8, 2012

THE SEXIEST® Pornstar Spotlight - Mercedes Styles

Cedies is a real tour de force...meeting her was like running into a force nine gale *laughs* She's a great girl, and anyone who says different, well she's got guns! so look out.

Jinx Jiersen: What is your favorite position and why?

Cєđιєѕ: There's two I can't decide over, girl on top which allows control, and enables me to watch as I ride. Then there's doggy, which I love for the sheer power it enables the male to drive hard. Heh.

Jinx Jiersen: What is your least favorite position and why?

Cєđιєѕ: I dislike anything that involves contorting my body into ridiculous positions with the potential to cause injury!

Jinx Jiersen: What turns you on?

Cєđιєѕ: Dominant males, sensitivity, loud sex, kissing at my neck, teasing the palms of my hands with fingertips, dirty talk, instruction, confidence, getting my partner off.

Jinx Jiersen: What turns you off?

Cєđιєѕ: Cockiness and arrogance, excessively large penises!!!

Jinx Jiersen: What sound do you hate?

Cєđιєѕ: The bin men's dump truck (thats garbage truck for all you americans lol - Jinx) - or any large reversing vehicle.

Jinx Jiersen: What is your favorite curse word?

Cєđιєѕ: I like combining curses. I swear like a sailor, my favorites include; Dickshit, Cuntsack, Cuntcake, Twattybollocks, Asswanker, or any selection of the above in a rant!

Jinx Jiersen: What was your favourite role?

Cєđιєѕ: So far, definitely dressing up like a cat for Alexandr Aho's "Feline Fancy". I adore creativity and was happy to suit up for something different.

Jinx Jiersen: What is your favourite movie?

Cєđιєѕ: Currently Nik Arlington's 'Sketched', but I was also impressed with Luther Blackburn's "USO-rgy".

Jinx Jiersen: How did you get started in the Adult Movie Industry?

Cєđιєѕ: My cousin bumped into a producer at a dirty hangout spot, introduced me and the rest is history!

Jinx Jiersen: If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Cєđιєѕ: "Hey baby, I'm planning the second coming of christ, wanna get busy?"

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